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Ethos means character—the ideals that define a group or a belief. At Ethos, we strive to understand your culture and goals to help you effectively remake your organization. Then we help you find the right executive talent you need to make it happen. You’re not simply filling an empty seat. Every new hire is an opportunity to evolve your business, aligning it to the most current market reality. With uncommon experience and perspective, we can help you restructure your organization and even coach your current workforce to the greatest advantage.


Executive Search

At Ethos, we specialize in C-suite, high-level executive placement in a range of diverse business areas, including oil and gas, medical, accounting, sales, and finance. Whether your company has 20 employees or 20,000, we have the discipline and resources to help you find the hard to find.

Talent Management Consulting

Along with comprehensive recruitment services, you benefit from a higher level of consulting informed by years of deep expertise in human resources—something you likely won’t find at other firms. With a widened and wizened perspective, we’re uniquely suited to help you redesign your organization


Remember, you’re not simply filling a position. You’re filling a need, adapting your business to a continuously evolving reality. Success depends on an accurate understanding of the current environment—salary expectations, minute-by-minute compensation criteria, and market conditions. We conduct the research necessary to ensure the best decisions and outcomes.


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With an impressive history in human resources project consulting, Hang’s long list of specialties include executive recruiting, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, talent management, and compensation analysis and design. She knows how to quickly, accurately, and strategically assess company needs.

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With a background in mechanical engineering and sales, Corey understands the finer points of methodology and positioning. Today, he excels at sizing up opportunities, building long-term relationships, and helping companies restructure and innovate.


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Boxley Group

We partner with Boxley Group for advisory services in Project and Program Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Digital Transformations.