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Talent Management Consulting

The Ethos team helps you identify, develop, and mobilize talent to achieve your business objectives. We help guide leaders and their companies to reach their performance goals.

We look at your business situation from a big picture point of view to truly understand your challenges and create the best solution to drive business success. Fueled by a culture of innovation, we help you identify and mobilize talent to meet your business objectives.

Our expertise.

  • Talent Acquisition Process and Alignment

    We have helped companies augment their talent acquisition teams and set up new processes (i.e., onboarding materials, interview guides, assessments, etc.)

  • HR Processes and Policies

    We have helped CHROs with business cases (i.e., department spend on talent), establish new HR policies and procedures (i.e., handling COVID-19)

  • Vendor Selection

    We have helped companies with RFPs and selecting service providers that are right for their needs (i.e., communications, HRIS systems, talent acquisition, talent management, performance management, payroll, benefits, etc.)

Your company is facing challenges, we can help.

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